This Post is Not Safe for Work.

This Post is Not Safe for Work..

the above is a must read, so much better than reading Hard Times by Charles Dickens for A-level English -what I should be doing


Life Horizontally

On the 19th December 2014, the world got lighter for Polly Jane Ellis! 760g lighter to be graphic (I know, impressive). I was lucky enough to be granted funding for breast reduction on the NHS after putting in a distressing case.

I went through all the regular procedures of medical photography, finding further doctor support and so on, to justify why I wanted to get rid of the honey dew melon sized breasts I was lugging around. Then one night in Birmingham I was out with some old friends when I was grabbed by a man so aggressively that I bled, yet it was truly bittersweet. Although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone as I was traumatised, it was exactly what I needed to convince doctors that the torment was serious and damaging my confidence and mental stability.

Within a month I was on the surgeons table, I was so lucky with the surgeon I had as he totally championed my decision and had a great reputation, so I trusted him a lot.

2 weeks, 45 episodes of Gossip Girl, 20 episodes of OITNB, 3 episodes of Broadchurch, 1 Bridget Jones, Love actually and The Lion King later, I’m recovering well but pretty bored of being horizontal. I always hear about recreational drug “come-downs,” and whatever from people at college but, I shit you not, their “come-downs” have nothing on my two week long torture, I have no sympathy. Anesthetic is not okay, and apparently the longer your out for, the longer it takes to recover , I think I may finally be seeing the light though!

Spending Christmas alone and immobile can’t be dressed up to sound desirable, but It’s the best feeling ever to be able to fit into the clothes I used to fit into when I was 14, all those 8 bra sizes ago! I’m so excited to go on my first run with out risking knocking myself unconscious and wear my work shirt without risk of it popping open and giving customers more than their regular grocery shop…

I have a lot of work to do on my confidence yet, but I feel like I’ve crushed the two mountains standing in my way.


Hello World!

My name’s Polly Jane Ellis, I’m 17, just about to turn 18, I have very ginger hair, very big boobs (unfortunately) and I’m from England. I want to document my life right from where it seems to be setting off! Setting off with awful AS level results, no money and the beginning of no social life with my last year at college just about to begin. I’m going to work so hard this year and I’ll kick myself even harder if I don’t. So this blog is going to need to fill the void that was my friends in attempt to have something to talk to and at the same time, improve my writing skills.


..Hello World, please join me on figuring out my life, my travels, my thoughts and surviving life as a young adult !

…and trying to pass my A levels.